Brend It Like Beckham (in Da Club)

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YOU can always rely on footballing legend David Beckham to kick up a stir.
Just when Amersham hair stylist Jack Reynolds thought it was going to be a quiet day at the office, Golden Balls shows up to steal the show.

The former Manchester United star turned film actor was paying a visit to New York for Fashion Week recently when he bumped into Jack, who was styling models as part of the fashion team from local salon Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty, working alongside celebrity super stylist Tina Outen.


MAN MARKING: Local stylist Jack Reynolds is united with David Beckham and 50 Cent during New York Fashion Week where the team from Amersham salon Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty worked at various designer shows.

“One minute I was on my own, the next, David was standing next to me,” said Jack. “I couldn’t resist taking a selfie. He was great about it.” But the local stylist’s celeb-fest didn’t end there. He also busted rhymes with none other than rapper 50 Cent, famous for the monster hit In Da Club. So we know where to find you, Jack. Hope your boss isn’t picking up the expenses. Another bottle of Cristal over here…

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