Vin + Omi Future Flowers London Fashion Week Show

September 25, 2021In Fashion Week2 Minutes

Brendan was Lead Hairstylist at the Vin + Omi ‘Future Flowers’ London Fashion Week show at The Dorchester, 21st September 2021. No less than 50 models were walking (dancing or running!) including Jo Wood and Olympians Hannah Williams, Marcus Mempstead, Joe Choong and Stephanie Twell.

“This was such an exciting collection to work on, Vin + Omi designs are works of art and hair needed to be both spectacular and respectful of the sustainability values which Vim + Omi hold close to their hearts.

We referenced the Future Flowers theme with an Avant Garde perspective, always bearing sustainability in mind. Vin + Omi do inspirational research into how they can work with nature and leave the planet as undisturbed as possible and to align with this we used every day (but unusual for session work) materials such as fruit nets and protectors recycled from greengrocers and supermarkets, recycled cardboard, and old clothing. We even used recycled fashion pieces from Vin + Omi previous collections such sheepskin, wool, re-purposed building foam to create spectacular headpieces. It’s made me think about how I could use materials already to hand to achieve high fashion looks.

The looks were a celebration of how you can be sustainable during London Fashion Week, and a collaboration between the designers and hair team. We worked with Vin + Omi on ideas and mood boards, bringing the vision to life.

There’s such a great choice of products in the KMS range to help me and my team create the looks for this show. And of course, the new Conscious Styling products and GO Solid shampoo fit perfectly with the values behind the show.

I love all the looks but think my favourite must be Gravity Defying Ponytail – It’s simple yet such a contrast to expectations when you imagine a ponytail. I love the bluntness of the brow-skimming fringe.”