Hair Colouring, Amersham

We’re one of the elite L’Oréal Colour Specialist Salons. Using the advanced L’Oréal Professional Colour Palette, our hair colouring experts can transform your look in a single appointment, using over 300 shades and new colour intensifiers stocked in-salon.

Our team deliver classic and fresh new styles, whether you’re looking for a  mixed, boosted, layered or blended hair colour.

Classic Colour

Full Head Highlights

A full head of highlights, placed through all areas of the hair.

Half Head Highlights

A half head of highlights, placed around the face, the parting, the sides of the head and the crown.

Partial Highlights

Highlights around the face and parting with a base colour, can be used to cover grey in between.

Full Head Tint

A full permanent colour service, perfect for covering grey and refreshing the hair.

Root Tint

A permanent colour that will cover greys, leaving the hair with a beautiful sheen.

Bleach and Tone

Inoa Colour

Inoa is an ammonia-free colour, making it gentler on sensitive scalps, with less colour fade.

Add this to any permanent colour service.

Gloss Colour

DIA Richesse is a semi-permanent gloss colour, lasting up to 20 washes, blending greys or adding a beautiful hue to your natural colour.

Creative Colour


Balayage is a technique where hair colour is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect. Our stylists can recreate different Balayage styles, including:

Ombré – a dramatic, two-toned hair colour effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. Often, the dark top section is your natural hair colour shade, and the bottom section is lightened with a hair lightener. This can also be subtler, in the form of Sombré

Root Stretch – designed to blend out old highlights and remove the definition line that old highlights can leave

If there’s a look that you want that isn’t on here, ask your stylist, as we offer several other styles.

6 Colour Flashes


A toner will get rid of brassy hair tones. It works most noticeably on light hair as it does not lift or permanently alter the colour of hair but rather adds a tone over it.

Colour Change

Whether you’re going lighter, or darker, or if you haven’t had your hair coloured in a long time and have evident roots, you’ll need a Colour Change service. It’s best to book a consultation, where we’ll discuss what option is best for you.

Mens Colour

Grey Blending

Subtle, low-maintenance colour to blend greys, usually done after a cut. Great for men who want to look their best without removing all the grey.

Gents Colour Flashes

Subtle colour for men, usually done after a cut. This service is tailor-made and bespoke and can consist of darker flashes to cover greys or lighter flashes for highlights.

Shoe Shine Colour

Comb-on colour for men, usually done after a cut. Be as natural or bold as you dare, giving your hair an edge.

Recommended Treatments

Olaplex – Colour Sealer

A Colour Sealer is recommended after every colour service to maintain long-lasting colour radiance, vibrancy, and shine, leaving the hair in a visibly better condition.

This treatment, Olaplex, is applied during and immediately following a colour service or can be done separately as a standalone treatment.

Our Team

  • Selection & Training: We select our team for their skill, potential, and vibrant personalities. Rigorous training in technical skills and client service ensures your visit is unparalleled.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities in photoshoots, music videos, and fashion shows hone their ability to deliver unique, world-class looks.
  • Creative Freedom: Every stylist, regardless of level, infuses personal flair into their work, guaranteeing distinctive styles you won’t find anywhere else.

Meet the Team

Client Experience

  • Personalized Consultations: Free consultations ensure we grasp your desires, providing targeted and thrilling solutions.
  • Relaxation Included: Enjoy a soothing head massage during shampooing and relax in our plush chairs.
  • Transparent Process: Stylists detail every step of your service, from cut to colour, and recommend products and treatments to enhance your hair’s health.
  • Beyond the Look: We strive for you to leave not just with stunning hair but feeling truly wonderful.

The Space

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Get refreshments on the house with every appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an in-depth chat prior to the cut and style. We’re happy to make informed suggestions including styling recommendations to match your lifestyle, hair type, and the amount of time that you want to spend on your hair at home.

We use Kerastase and UNITE Hair.

Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty (BOS) is located in Amersham New Town, opposite Pizza Express and Boots on Sycamore Road. Our postcode is HP6 5EQ.

We primarily use L’Oréal professional colouring products, as we believe these are the best on the market currently.

The BOS experience includes a full consultation including suggestions on style changes and a cut and style with a top professional stylist in-salon. We’ll also recommend a home care routine to enable you to maintain and style your own look. We also offer free drinks from freshly ground coffee, juices and herbal teas to white and red wine for if you’re feeling adventurous.

Further questions? Give us a call on 01494 434 016