2022 Hair Trends

As we approach 2022, Brendan shares his thoughts on hair trends for the new year.

"I love the looks we create through Fashion Weeks and Session Styling. Some however, are too high fashion for everyday wear, so I think about how we can translate runway style into wearable looks for our customers to enjoy. Here are my thoughts for 2022."

Constant Colour

Colour is a huge trend, and this carries forward through 2022. With mask wearing set to continue, there are many situations when we can't express ourselves through our face or make-up, but can show our personality and make a statement with hair colour.

Balayage will be as much in demand as ever and we love this technique, so individual and artistic. Customers can have as little or as much colour as they desire, bold tones or subtle. The effect is beautiful.

Block Colour gets heads turning. This trend is growing and we'll see more drama with block colour in 2022. Again, the technique can be subtler with a face framing or off-set block, or have mega impact with a half head block.

Street Colour is gaining in popularity. The bright colours bring optimism and fun, and can be incorporated into any style, for any age. Joining the vibrant pinks, blues, purples and greens we've seen this year are more earthy colours.


New Wave

Waves will make a big appearance next year and can be dressed up 'big blowout' style or worn in a casual, undone way.

Permanent Waves - yes you read that correctly - are making a resurgence. Forget the frizzy perm of the early 80s, today's products and techniques deliver waves with condition too.

If a perm isn't your thing, there are great professional tools available to create whatever degree of curl or wave you're after. Try a Curl Bar for lots of wave or a Smoothing Iron for gentle movement. Always with a heat protector and hold factor.

And for those with naturally curly hair, celebrate it! There are some great professional products to encourage and support waves, such as the Unite Hair 'Boing' range. Specifically formulated for wavy and curly hair, Boing offers condition, definition and hold.


Super Shine

Whatever the style, luminous hair will be so important in 2022. The great news is whatever your budget, there's a choice of permanent, temporary or instant methods to keep you shining.

Long-lasting lustre can be gained by having a Brazilian Blowdry technique. We use Kerastraight in the salon, it gives a shine and smoothness to the hair for up to 4 months without making hair poker straight.

Unite Hair Silky Smooth treatment delivers what it says on the bottle, as a temporary solution so your super shine will last for several washes.

For an instant shine boost, use a burst of Unite Hair 7Seconds Glossing spray all over your finished style.

And for an edgy look, Wet Look hair is back! This time used in a more natural way, like you've just been caught in the rain. The Wet Look and New Wave trends are a great combination!

Ice, Ice, Baby - BOS at Chiltern View Ice Rink launch

Get your skates on...

The BOS team love to support local events - we didn't need asking twice to look after celebrity hair at the launch of Chiltern View Ice Skating rink. And with La Voix and Michelle Heaton (both BOS regulars) presenting, no wonder the event sold out in under 24hrs!

Using Unite Hair products, Brendan and Antonella worked their wonders for Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton and skaters from Dancing on Ice and the British Olympic Ice Skating Team.

Guests enjoyed a festive performance of Christmas classics and some hair raising routines from the professional skaters. The combination of Brendan & Antonella's skills and the effectiveness of Unite Hair products resulted in hair staying perfectly in place.

Santa and his reindeers flew in to make an appearance, give presents from the sleigh and add even more sparkle. Chiltern View Ice Rink is open for a limited period so get online to book and wrap up warm!